¡VAMOS! attends the Real Time Mining Conference


¡VAMOS! attends the Real Time Mining Conference

In October of this year, the ¡VAMOS! Consortium will be attending the Real Time Mining Conference in Amsterdam. This conference, hosted by TU Delft on behalf of the Real Time Mining Consortium, aims to attract proposals from projects related to the increasing of minerals extraction efficiencies. It will bring together an assortment of companies from the European mining industry who are working on projects commissioned by the EU’s Executive Agency for Small to Medium Enterprises (EASME) as part of the Horizon2020 research programme.


The conference focuses on five main topics, namely ‘positioning and material tracking’, ‘automated material characterisation’, ‘resource modelling’, ‘process optimisation’, and ‘data management’. Under these headings, ¡VAMOS! Partners will submit at least 6 papers covering the 3D User Interface (UI) for underwater mining developed by Zentrum für Telematik, the economic modelling by Montanuniversität Leoben, the socioenvironmental impact reduction assessment by GeoZS, the Slurry Circuitry by Damen, and the Positional, Navigation and Awareness system designed and manufactured by INESC.

Parties interested in attending should submit an abstract to Mike Buxton at TU Delft at, with more information on the conference being available for download at

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