¡VAMOS! Advisory Board validates interim results

A major milestone was achieved on 12 January 2016 when interim project results were presented to the ¡VAMOS! Advisory Board (AB) in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. The meeting was attended by the ¡VAMOS! project management team, Work Package Leaders and by the members of the Advisory Board. During the full-day discussion, interim results were presented and discussed in detail.

The meeting started with an overview of the project, followed by a presentation of dissemination and communication efforts to that point. The discussion afterwards concluded that the technology solution offered by ¡VAMOS! is more environmentally friendly than either conventional mining or offshore mining. The Advisory Board recommended that this aspect is further emphasized during communications towards stakeholders and the public.

Discussions then focused on systems specifications during which several observations and suggestions were made by the AB members on the technological details of the Prototype. It was also advised by AB members to run a pre-bathymetry before entering test site preparation. The meeting ended with a joint review of the ¡VAMOS! Risks Register, during which the AB recommended that the history of each risk is captured and recorded, so any changes are not lost.


Members of the ¡VAMOS!  Advisory Board:

  • Bramley Murton, National Oceanography Centre, UK
  • Christian Halbmayr, Consultant Mining Engineer, Austria
  • Sander Steenbrink, Boskalis, The Netherlands
  • Mike Buxton, Delft University, The Netherlands

The AB also recommended that an additional expert with background in environmental sciences and or social sciences is invited to become a Board member to further strengthen the environmental dimension of the project.

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