First ¡VAMOS! Stakeholder Workshop has taken place

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On 11th June 2015 the ¡VAMOS! project was presented in Newcastle to an audience interested in low impact, environmentally safe mining techniques. The first ¡VAMOS! Stakeholder Workshop was organized back-to-back with a workshop organized by the Geological Society of London with the title “Mining in a crowded country”. The GSL workshop covered North of England’s history and development and its relation with mining, probably dating back to Roman times. Speakers presented future prospects for mining in the region and, because Europe is a heavily populated continent, challenges posed by differing views about land use and the acceptability of mining in the 21st Century.
Stef Kapusniak, Business Development Manager of SMD Ltd., introduced ¡VAMOS! objectives and ambition, delivering a presentation with a detailed overview of the project in the morning, and guiding a tour to SMD’s production facilities in the afternoon. In this tour participants had the opportunity to watch in firsthand the technology and equipment developed by SMD to mine in the ocean floor, at depths that exceed 4.000 meters.


Discussion about the possibilities ¡VAMOS! brings to the reopening of abandoned flooded open pit mines in Europe and its contribution to safeguarding the supply of raw materials to Europe’s industry took place. Modern environmental standards and the advantages of ¡VAMOS! technology to meet those standards were also debated.
This workshop was combined with the 2015 Council meeting of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) attended by representatives from EFG’s 24 national membership associations. At the EFG Council Meeting strategies to boost stakeholder mobilisation for ¡VAMOS! in each of the countries represented by EFG were also discussed.

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